Ateneo Australs 2008 motions


Round 1: That the UN should hire mercenaries for military operations
That African states should recognise Tsvangirai as the rightful leader of Zimbabwe
That we should respect China's right to prosecute foreign athletes who protest at the Beijing Olympics

Round 2:
That we would ban groups that glorify obesity
That goverments should not take any action to dicourage individuals from smoking
That problem gamblers should have their welfare payments suspended

Round 3:
That we should end the US innvolvement in Southern Mindanao
That we have had enough People Power revolutions
That the Phillipines should adopt Chavez-style land reforms

Round 4:
That corporate regulators should have veto power over executive bonuses
That we would protect nationally important companies from government owenership by foregin government entities
That the WTO should abandon consensus voting as the basis of its decision making.

Ruond 5:
That areas of high ecological value should be returned to indigenous peoples for management
That individuals should be given carbon quotas
That there hsould be an international ban on the use of arable land to grow crops for bio-fuels

Round 6:
That we would allow mnors to have sex change operations
That wewould create separate units for gays in the military
That governements should ban groups that seek to 'straighten out' gay people

Round 7:
That all state funded projects should be open source
That genetic research that attributes negative traits to prticular races should not be published
That nations should be able to charge licensing fees for the use of genetic information from their native plants and animals.

Round 8:
That the West should cease pressuring transitiioning democracies to hold elections
That candidates should be disallowed from using their own money to finance their campaigns
That we would abolish political parties